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Based in London, England, United Kingdom. Voodoo Shotz Media is HQ for Voodoo Babes and Voodoo Magazine.

We pride ourselves on our flexible and dynamic approach. Our ability to mobilize our studio to wherever the content demands. 

Packed away in one neat 120-liter Osprey travel bag, are all the tools a mobile content creator requires for location and event photography and videography. Whether at an event photoshoot in London, UK to Bucharest, Romania, or models on the beaches in the exotics of Philippines, Thailand, and Bali, we span the oceans creating photoshoot opportunities in Columbia, Mexico, and Venezuela. Voodoo Shotz has no limitations, as to where we create awesome content.

Our vision is to ensure that we find beautiful locations with beautiful people with the aim to create a lifestyle magazine and YouTube channel that has the viewer captivated at every moment with a fun-packed adventure and dreamy, inspiring getaways. 

Voodoo Shotz is all about creating mouth-watering content, whether that be the next, best-kept secret hideaway destination or restaurant to chill out, our ethos is to offer realistic and authentic vibes.


The creator intends to retrace his footsteps and bring you some seriously off-the-beaten-track places. The personal experiences of the creator are the heart and soul of this vision. 

Support this work and amazing content will be delivered. See you on the road.

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'Our ethos is authentic and realistic'

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