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Voodoo Shotz Creative Media by Alex 'Mo Mann' Morrison is a self-styled, professional photography and videography studio specializing in Event Content and Fine Art Glamour Content.

Having worked extensively in the glamour world producing high-end content to promote models, Alex then became involved as a photographer and videographer for Affiliate Trade Shows which is aligned with the adult vertical. He then launched Voodoo Magazine which, primarily showcases award shows and events within the adult entertainment industry, and allows advertisers to reach their audience whilst at the same time providing a platform for creatives to extend their reach.

Voodoo Magazine is an expression of everything that the industry has to offer, whilst an event may last a few days, the magazine is here forever. You will explore exciting stories, health, and well-being topics as well as the essential news from the people who define the next stage in the evolution of the industry.  

A word from Alex

Have you heard the phrase "Follow your passion" or "A picture paints a thousand words" or indeed "A photograph is not taken but created"? My passion is creative photography and videography within the glamour world, I absolutely thrive off it, and this is what makes me tick. 

Having found a footing that allowed me to explore my creative outlet in the center of this thriving industry I took my time to see how I could add yet more value to the industry, I have always enjoyed travel, photography, and writing about my adventures and now it was time to put these all together and so VOODOO MAGAZINE took form. 


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