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There is a secret to being horny, It's called lust and that comes from feeding the body, and mind, with nutrition served with a healthy dose of relaxation to enrich the libido.

There is no argument that a healthy body and mind are quintessential to leading a full life and being a person who is confident in their own body, no matter what shape or size you are, if you look after yourself then the dividends return to you tenfold.

Working in the adult and erotica world attracts many desirable traits. Although the world of erotica is locked behind closed doors because it is such an exclusive club perceived and judged by others with somewhat of a negative view, (although deep down they wish they could have what we have too!)

Voodoo Magazine is committed to celebrating those that embrace their inner selves and having the confidence to enjoy every second of their sexual freedom, offering fans exactly what they want, it is a beautiful two-way street.

What we aim to cover is Voodoo Magazine's simplicity, offering generous content to the cont

ent creators and the loyal fans, all in one space.

Here is a quick rundown of what to expect from the up-and-coming issues.

- Voodoo Babes images and videos

- Travel and stories

- Toys and Gadgets

- Lingerie and adult wear

- Games

- Dating

- Nutritional advice

- Physical and Mental well-being

Voodoo Magazine is in no rush to release the first edition. Because of the pioneering concept due to be delivered, they have had to pull together an entirely new way of presenting all of their platforms so that the people who matter, are acknowledged, and thus, the tabboism of the adult, XXX, and erotica industry is given the freedom, not just spoken but to the people who make this such a wonderful place to thrive.

Not to hide in the shadows, but to grow in the sunlight.

Make sure to visit the website and sign up for the upcoming editions, blogs, images, and more when we make our debut.


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January saw the release of a brand new top performer in adult dating for casual encounters and romantic adventures powered by ONLYFLINGZ.

The world of dating can be overwhelming with so many sites to choose from which is why experts have reviewed the competition to make your life less stressful so your fresh and ready to meet your honeys in real person.

The simplicity behind having more verified women on the site to attract men is a no brainer which is why women register for free, but don't let that dishearten you, there is reason behind the madness. Its a case of simple math's, im sure you've been to plenty of bars where the women are let in free, that's because the men will follow, so its time to up your game and engage with a variety of women from the young and curious to the MILF's, Cougar's and bored housewives.

All these girls are eager to sex date, you can cut out the long, drawn-out process of cinema, meals and meeting the mother, to getting in there from the word go! It is zero to hero in a few messages. But, do be a gentleman about it!

Meeting local girls, in your area now who want to sex date has never been easier.

Here's the stats:

  • Januarys new comer winner

  • Easy and Free to sign up

  • Over 100'000 active members

  • More women than men

  • Easy chat flow

  • Internationally recognized dating site host

In conclusion; The best adult dating site for you to have fun with 1000's of girls active in your area, who have all signed up for exactly the same reason you have, the only requirement is your discreet and over 18!

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With the prominent industry domination of OnlyFans, many business's follow similar models and piggy back off the success that OnlyFans unleashed.

More recently the public have seen a confidence come from the dark of the once underground sex scene which is becoming more and more public daily and liberating people to choose their own success on their own terms.

Sex workers are proud to say, that they can earn substantial amounts of money in their own time and do not be surprised, many of these entrepreneur's are highly intelligent, well, they have to be, to build social media success to pull in their customers is not just uploading a photo, there is a huge amount of IT that goes on in the back office that is required to attract 5 figures a week.

Agencies and social platforms are jumping in on the action, this is a big revenue and should not be overlooked or cussed upon, they have the heart, the confidence, work extremly hard and to create the environment, the content and the behind the scenes work whilst still looking as fresh as Sunday morning. This is not for the faint hearted.

One such company that has jumped in on the action and has quickly risen to pole position, in a number of Countries across the globe including; Australia, UK, US and Germany is adult dating site OnlyFlingz, well, what else did you expect? OnlyFlingz has very quickly gained momentum in the dating scene, proving a match making service for those who are not so big on a family gatherings and a 5 tier cakes. The brides maids on the other hand!!

OnlyFlingz attracts verified users from across the globe and allows you to chat to your perfect fling from where ever, when ever, but what they are most notable for is the girl next door hook-ups with a high hit rate because its a site that is non-committal from the outset so you don't have the laborious task of calculating, how many dates before you get bang for your buck!

Its a plug an play site, take it or leave it, but be warned, if your not getting it, someone is.

Voodoo Shotz Media has done a special deal with OnlyFlingz adult dating site, so go to area and the portal will give you special access. This not an overly marketed dating site due to the low-key aspect of the 'players', discreet is the word.

Happy flingging!

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