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There is a secret to being horny! 

It's called lust and that comes from feeding the body, and mind, with nutrition served with a healthy dose of relaxation to enrich the libido.

here is no argument that a healthy body and mind are quintessential to leading a full life and being a person who is confident in their own body, no matter what shape or size you are, if you look after yourself then the dividends return to you tenfold.

Working in the adult and erotica world attracts many desirable traits. Although the world of erotica is locked behind closed doors because it is such an exclusive club perceived and judged by others with somewhat of a negative view, (although deep down they wish they could have what we have too!)

Voodoo Magazine is committed to celebrating those that embrace their inner selves and having the confidence to enjoy every second of their sexual freedom, offering fans exactly what they want, it is a beautiful two-way street. 

What we aim to cover is Voodoo Magazine's simplicity, offering generous content to the content creators and the loyal fans, all in one space.

Here is a quick rundown of what to expect from the up-and-coming issues. 

- Voodoo Babes images and videos
- Travel and stories
- Toys and Gadgets
- Lingerie and adult wear
- Games
- Dating
- Nutritional advice
- Physical and Mental well-being


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