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Photography and Video Services

'Finding Inspiration in Every Shøt!'

Concepts are discussed, and keynote speakers deliver their wisdom to aspiring participants, not to be missed parties are the highlight, and awards are given to the best performers in the industry.


Moments are not to be forgotten and immortalized by Voodoo Shotz Media's enthusiastic photographer and videographer Alex "Mo Mann" Morrison.


Voodoo Shotz Media showcases the events that hosts are meticulous in organizing and sponsors invest a great deal of time and money in showcasing their brands, whilst attendees have come to expect only the best and all that lives in through the services of a world-class photographer/ videographer.


All these people want to be captured at their best, enjoying the special occasions that these ultra-events and parties across the world are renowned for. The global staging area for leading global brands, services, products, and people celebrates and forges relationships.

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