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Are you paying for a model?!


As a photographer it is essential to research and qualify your model closely, otherwise you are enabling them to run riot in a un-regulated, cash-in-hand industry.


Photographers come in all different shapes and sizes, the hobbyist who has a keen passion for capturing and creating an image, most of the time these images will not see the light of day but it is a sign that the photographer has a passion and will over time either find a new hobby or set out to improve in all aspects of the craft whether investing immense amounts of time and money in software to edit and retouch the images, invest in new glass (lenses), CLS (Creative Lighting System's), location scouting, social media, websites, advertising and eventually publishing their images for the world to see and make a living out of their passion?!

Professional photographers who work in the world of people photography whether that be Family portraits, weddings, fashion and beauty to the more proactive glamour, boudoir and fine art nude requires models.

Personally, I have invested thousands of pounds and hours behind the lens or laptop in my efforts to create a mobile studio.

Having been published in numerous publications through-out 2021 and lead photographer for a glamour events magazine which I achieved in a very short space of time once I realized my direction.

So, here we get onto the models. All the models I work with are required to sign a model release agreement that gives Voodoo Shotz ownership of the image for use in social media, publication and commercial purposes.

Models also come in different shapes, sizes and professional levels, provide a wardrobe (that quite frankly is part of their day to day living), nails, hair, make-up and too many feel entitled to dictate their own terms on your model release agreement receiving images to build their portfolio for a shoot you paid for! Your giving your images away free of charge! This is insane.

As a photographer it is essential to research and qualify your model closely, otherwise you are enabling them to run riot in a un-regulated, cash-in-hand industry.

Make-up artists cost money too, now this is fair enough, they are creators too, the same as a photographer, they invest time and money in professional products and learning their craft.

Platforms that allow photographers, make-up artists and models to collaborate are not regulating the industry. There is a huge gap between the hobbyist and the professional.

In recent times, the day of a photographer being paid to publish his or her work has become increasingly more difficult in the advent of online digital magazines who will publish your work with no compensation. What this achieves is a magazine that now has content so that they can make sales on the back of your creativity.

The first thing I will say as a photographer is be highly selective of your model. Skin, wardrobe, levels, professionalism and expectations after all, you have invested your time and money in your equipment and knowledge.

Find and collaborate with photographers who share your ideas and work together.

So, to conclude, I will leave you with this thought; Has all this driven the photographer to the bottom rung of the ladder, do you want to be that person who is providing everyone with images for their gain after you have invested so much time, effort and money?!

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