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Voodoo Magazine is an online digital and interactive platform, which plays with the creator's vision and, to be quite honest, has taken Alex far out of his comfort zone, embracing subjects that he finds meaningful, subjects that he believes we all share a common ground and can be approached with honesty, experience, and with a certain heartfelt wholeness, which means your going to get something baked with love and a cherry on top, a light-hearted yet informative approach to the adult industry which means it caters to non-political agendas, showcases events, businesses, and consumers alike, bringing topics from Crypto to Science, Travel to the Hottest Models, a bit of fitness, nutrition, and mental health, we got you covered.

Pick up your café latte, grab a tasty sandwich, sit down, kick off your shoes, and have a good read. 

It's fun, it's a little intelligent, and it's all yours, a magazine for the people by a grunt on the ground, pointing his camera at you like the digital sniper he is.

Bringing together a fun magazine with learning coupled with business opportunities, a relaxed vibe including; lifestyle, health, and well-being whilst admiring the beauty we work amongst and talking business. What more could you ask for?

Have suggestions? Want to contribute? then feel free to drop me a line: at quoting "I LOVE VOODOO MAG" or message me on Whatsapp +4407708139222

We will enable YOU to promote your talent, brand, or concept whether that's mainstream or adult verticals, we have given you a place to see, read and hear well beyond the likes of any social media platform. This is the beating heart of the industry. Having placed ourselves uniquely, creating an equilibrium for bombshell models, digital creators, event hosts, and product developers around within the adult vertical.  


"The true character of everything, including making money, is change.

A warm welcome to Voodoo Magazine. The B2B insider where we recognize the dynamic range of moving parts that drive our industry; Social Media Managers, Content Creators, and CEOs.

Our very nature means we require, engagement, learning, and insight to nourish and maintain a progressive advancement within ourselves on a personal and professional level, thus bringing value
to our lives and those around us." 


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